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Sweet BonBon AKA Charlie

Our beautiful Sweet BonBon, but for most known as Charlie, has retired. He has reached a proud age of 10 years so the retirement is well deserved! For us he will always remain the best cinnamon-white British Shorthair cat the world has ever seen. He certainly is worldwide-known and has been featured countless times on Social Media. One thing is for sure, he has left his mark among the British Shorthairs. We are proud to keep working with his offspring!

Twinkle Toes

It wouldn't be right to only name Charlie on here. Twinkle Toes deserves his spot on this site since he has been a major game changer for our cattery and done so much for it. He is behind most of our Offspring. To name a few: Zappa Lotta, Zea Wave, Lillifee, Rosewood, Applejack and many more.

Lets face it, almost no single cat in our cattery would have been possible without him. He has not only played a big role & ultimately given his extraordinary looks to his bloodline, also his sweet & loving character has been dominant in most of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

With almost 7 years he deserves his retirement & a couch potato life. You're loved & so very special my dear Twinkle.

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