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So far, we have safely exported our kittens to various countries around the world.

Please note: We would not do it if we would have had any bad experiences. The well-being of our cats comes first.


To name the most common countries we’ve exported to: All around Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Hongkong, UAE, and Australia/New Zealand.


Currently excluded from any exports due to strict import regulations are: Africa, India, Russia, China (except for Hongkong), Japan, Thailand, & a few others.


How do I import a cat?


There is not much you have to handle by yourself, except if any permits are needed. But even with permits we will be able to guide you through it. Import permits are needed in countries like Singapore, HK or Indonesia for example.

Europe or countries like USA or Canada are not in need of any permits.


Everything else will be organized by us- meaning any needed vaccinations, microchipping, parasite treatments, health checks and German government vet visits for any additional travel documents. Since we are a German government registered cattery, there are no issues to organize & prepare any travel documents.

Your kitten will be flying from Frankfurt directly to the chosen airport. To accomplish a smooth and quick process we work with a trusted agent in Frankfurt for oversea flights. All you have to do is confirm the flight with the airline and collect your kitten at the airport. Only temperature-controlled airlines are used. He or she will be traveling in a big carrier including food/water, a blanket and some toys. Additional dry food will be attached to the carrier to make food transitions smoothly.

For flights within Europe an agent is not needed. If desired, you may pick up your kitten at Duesseldorf airport personally or at our home directly, if you live in Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands for example. So, of course a pick up by car or train is possible, if close enough.

If you do collect the kitten by plane please check if the airline accepts cats in cabin. Also please discuss travel dates with me before booking anything. On the travel date we will meet at the airport and give your kitten including all documents directly to you.

The UK only allows car transports, but in this case, we also have our trusted, licensed companies we’re working with. They will deliver your kitten directly to your doorstep. So, rest assured.


How high are the transport costs?


Transport costs vary depending on the destination. Below you find a rough estimate based on past exports. Please know that 2 kittens will be flying together in one spacious carrier.


Europe: You can pick up your kitten by yourself or you pick a trusted courier. In the latter case the flight costs can be between: 500-850 Euros


UK/Switzerland: Car transports are between 350-550 Euros +VAT


USA/Canada: Between 900-1.600 Euros for 1 Kitten

1.400-1.950 Euros for 2 Kittens


Asia/Australia/New Zealand: 1.200-2.000 Euros for 1 Kitten

1.600-2.300 Euros for 2 Kittens


Please note that if you are living in Australia or New Zealand: You must expect extra quarantine costs + your kitten can be imported the earliest with an age of 9 months, due to country regulations. There will be extra costs.


For any more questions please message me!



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