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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


1. What inspired you to start a cattery?

We're a family of four and my daughter Sonja started it all. She had an allergic reaction towards animal fur. The doctor advised us to go for a British Shorthair since there are in many cases only small allergic reactions towards the breed. In our case this was true. Our first British Shorthair was called Meggie. We had her as a pet but after we went to our first cat show, that's where our eyes lit up and we got inspired by our vision to breed diverse and excellent British Shorthair cats with characters to die for.

2. How do you choose who gets to adopt a kitten from you?

We work with a waiting list in order to filter out seriously thought through inquiries from time wasters. Important for us is a decent introduction (preferably via E-Mail) and good living conditions (not about size, rather about clean home, time...) and simply a good and respectful relationship to the breeder. 

3. How does the adoption process work?

Once it is your turn on the waiting list and you have chosen your kitten a deposit (50% of the purchase price) is paid to reserve your kitten - Please note that deposits are NOT refundable. The second half will be paid once the kitten is 16 weeks old. For more info about the adoption process take a look at the "Waiting list" page. Waiting time until your forever friend is born can vary between 4 months & 2 years.

4. At what age can I get a kitten? Are they vaccinated?

Our kittens leave with an age of 4-5 months. They are microchipped and get vaccinated two times (against panleucopenia and cat-flu) + rabies + veterinary health check.

5. What is included in the kittens price?

Apart from perfect socialization, health and the best nutrition... vaccinations + rabies, veterinary health checks, international passport, a pedigree and a self-written kitten guide (total of 9 pages). The parents of your kitten have been HCM & PKD screened, as well as had their blood taken to test negative on FIV & FeLV.

6. If I don't live in Germany from which airport would the kitten fly?

We do let our kittens travel internationally! Closest airport for cabin flights within Europe is Duesseldorf (for cargo flights overseas mostly Frankfurt is possible).

7. How high are the shipping costs?

Absolutely depends on the season & on your chosen flight ticket (+ your country of origin), in case you choose to fly by yourself (only within Europe possible). For estimated prices please check out our "Export" page.

8. Is it true that boys are more cuddly & chunky as girls?

Big no, just as cuddly as boys and in regards to chubbiness... Just look at Zea, Zappa, Willow, Paloma. Especially if a girl is neutered there is no difference, if potent there might be since they go into heat cycles.

9. Do any of your cats have blue/green eyes or only amber eyes?

No, since I don't breed point or golden colors. My cats eyes are either honey colored or show a deep amber color. In my division I do not work with odd eyed or blue eyed cats since they are prone to genetical diseases.

10. How often do you have kittens?

Depends on the season and on the cats of course. Every female has not more than one litter each year.

11. What do you feed your cats?

In the morning and evening raw food (mainly beef, rabbit & chicken- 3 KG every day), 24/7 dry food from Purizon and Orijen and sometimes also wet food as a goodie (Cosma- Tuna)- all available on Zooplus.

12. Do you wash your cats?

In general no. A British Shorthair is not a Persian. Additionally they are very clean cats. If you would like to go on a show I would recommend to wash white cats.

13. Can I get a cat if I have a dog?

Absolutely! We have a french bulldog and they love each other.

14. How do you get your kittens to be so social?

Getting them used to as many loud sounds as possible (Vacuum cleaner...), additonally lots of love, cuddles, love and more cuddles.

15. Will my cat love me less if I get a second cat?

No. I personally think it's only right to get a companion. Imagine you would have no other human around to talk to. They don't change, they simply enjoy life more.

16. Things to do when welcoming the kitten at home? Do's and Dont's?

Be prepared (cat toilet, tree, toys, food...). First thing: Show him/her where the toilet and food/water is. If the travels were long you may keep your kitten for 1 or 2 days in your bedroom especially overnight. Your kitten will show you when he/she's ready to explore your home. Do not overwhelm your cat with any existing cats during the first few days and keep an eye on introductions.  Don't interact too quickly when your other cat & kitten meet. Hissing is completely normal. However no beating should be involved. Simply don't overdo it during the first days. Everything is new for the kitten so give him/her time to adapt and don't cause extra stress.

17. Would you recommend to take two cats at once?

I think taking two kittens together is always nice since they grow up together. Getting another cat a little later is also no problem. But in general I think it's not fair to only keep one cat. Cats should be kept (at least) in pairs.


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