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Below you can see reviews of our kitten owners as well as photos made by them.

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For more reviews you may take a look at our story highlight "Reviews" on Instagram.


Dana & Marcus, USA

There are still AMAZING people in this world…. Please judge the book by its cover!!! I have to pinch myself to believe the day is actually here for me to write an amazing review for Crystal Flames Cattery! As a long time lover/owner of the breed, it is no shock that Crystal Flames Instagram content stood out from the rest. Not only is their page well thought out and full of amazing content, the entire family is passionate and caring and it shows in the quality and character of their cats. I know, because my husband and I not only got to meet Tanja personally, but are also proud “pawrents” to two of their beautiful babies and they are magnificent! From the time I inquired to be on the waitlist until now, a few weeks after bringing my boys home, we have still been in contact. This is a tell tale sign that the family does not want to give their babies to just anyone and truly want the best homes for them too!

Thank you Tenbensel Family- You have given life back to our home after losing our last British Shorthair to cancer. From the time the boys came home they have been using their litter box perfectly, eating well, playing and enjoy cuddle time too! We couldn’t be more thrilled and thank the power of the internet for bringing us together!

Forever grateful- Dana and Marcus

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